quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

How will cities be in the year 2100?

In the year 2100, there will be almost no population and plenty of empty houses.
People will not have to work because the money which their ancestors left will be available and enough for all.
Life of the future will be based on technology!
Cars will float on water and fly in the air, there will be lots of roads and traffic lights in the sky. People shall be allowed to have only one car to travel, and there will be no bikes. No one shall do physical  exercise, so there will be a lot of obese people. Robots will do the household chores and cook for the whole population.
People will spend time travelling and buying fashion products and cars.
Children will spend time playing video games. At the age of seven, they can already have children, drive cars and get married.
Animals will talk and communicate with humans.
The average life expectation will increase, it will be of 130 years. People will not have any illness throughout their life, because at birth each person will take vaccines against all known diseases.
Some parts of the bodies of people who die, will be used to build new robots.
When a person dies, he/she will be cremated and his/her remains will be thrown in the water.

Work written by:
Tatiana Raquel Santiago Pereira nº23; 8ºB
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